the Best ip website booter stresser ddos

This profound question seems to still be quite a bit of a mystery. We all have a rough idea of what it’s like but most people don’t really know what it’s all about. So this post is here to answer what is an ip stresser  / website DDoSer / HTTP Flooder or by its second name, a booter .

A booter is a tool designed to stress test your servers against heavy load of traffic. What does it mean? Let’s say you have a website which sells shirts. You have a constant flow of about 100 visitors every day, but sometimes this number can spike drastically (Black Friday for example). In most cases what happens is that your website or server is not well designed for a high number of visitors (let’s say 50 visitors at the same time) and it will most likely load very slow or just crash. Here comes the IP stresser to the picture. Using this tool you can design your website or server to better handle the sudden spike of traffic and therefore serve a large number of visitors at the same time.

Another example would be stimulating a DDoS attack. If your website is a target to such malicious attack, you would want to adjust it to handle this type of attacks without block real visitors from viewing your website. Most booters are equipped with tools and information on how to protect your business from such attacks.